Our Awesome Things

Responsive Websites

The different areas of web design in which Alihsum Networking focuses on include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.​

From KSH. 19, 950.00

Domain, Hosting, Design, Development and SEO all inclusive.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you already have content on the website — well! We shall analyze as we look into; external links, internal links, keyword distribution, url to content, image captions, brand promotion, backlinks, html techniques.

From KSH. 4, 000.00

White hat , Black hat and Grey hat SEO

Social media things

If one/entity comes up with a popular idea, we help to broadcast manage on the Social media platform which reaches wider audience thus saves much time of our customers.

From KSH. 3,500.00

Digital marketing, Blogging, Video creation, E-mail marketing, Online pay click adveritsing and Bulk SMS services

Bulk SMS

Send one SMS to multiple receipients instantly by just one click of a button.

From KSH. 50 cents per SMS

Safaricom, Airtel and Telcom.

Computer Repair & Maintenance

We offer our expertise when individuals, businesses and organizations order us to analyze, troubleshoot and fix faulty computer troubles. Also act as the intermediary for the vendors and computer end users.

From KSH. 2,500.00

Laptops ,Desktops, Battery replacement, Data backup, Data recovery, Organizing data, Keyboards, Mouse and recharge-adapter replacement.

Software installation

We install Windows Operating system (OS), Ms-office, Graphics, Accounting systems, Antivirus and video editing programs. 

From KSH. 3,000.00

Supply, Installation, Activation and Updating.


We are conversant in provision of arts service including photo-retouching, Banners, postcards, letterheads, wedding cards, funeral programs, spriral bound books, creating flyers, posters, brochures, business cards and other promotional materials.

Artwork design from KSH. 500.00

Free delivery!

Always quaranteed!

Network Installation

Device configuration, IT networking, IT security, VoIP and wireless technology, Cable management.

From KSH. 2500.00

Install, Configure, Troubleshoot.


We provide professional and expert support  for e-Citizen services including driving license, work permit, travel passports, land rates business registration and Good conduct certificate.

From KSH. 950.00

Huduma ndgogo services


ICDL computing modules tutorial, software installation and configuration including graphics, accounting and Statistical packages (SPSS and NVIVO for quantitative and Qualitative respectively).

From KSH. 3000.00

Online and One-on-one.

Get certificate when you qualify.


We provide physical, remotely environmental protection against intruders who target properties and life. We ensure remote surveillance to prime target areas of the premises, rooms by sending signal to a smartphone or computer to escalate decision making.

From KSH. 2,500.00


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